Journals Of An Exoskeleton

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Couldn’t get to sleep till 5am no matter how hard i tried! Eventually got to sleep and immediately woke up in my dream feeling something crawling over me, so i freaked out but still couldnt find anything, went back to sleep (this is all still part of my dream) felt the crawling again so freaked out again, turned on my table lamp and saw this huge spider fall off my leg; gra

bbed it and threw it out the window. Then went back to sleep (In my dream) and dreamt about Dodge from Hollyoaks in prison with Texas visiting him. Then he went old and his hair grew and he started doing odd things, the dream then switched to Esther in a wood watching this woman in a bed with a guy behind her whilst she was saying how wrong everything felt, she couldnt see the womans face but i could and it looked exactly like her, then the woman rose and turned to kill her. The woman had a massive gaping wound on her head badly stitched and exposing her brain and shouting that she was her mother. Then i woke up AGAIN! (still dreaming) and felt something crawling on me again, i jumped to turn my light back on and saw another spider hanging from my ceiling so got up, dressed and caught it to throw from my window, but saw another large one crawl over my feet so freaked out and managed to get that one out of my window too. Then once up (still dreaming) was convinced there was a larger one in my room so started routing round for it and found a few more in the process. Went to the corner by my table and saw this huge MotherF of a spider, thick and fangs the length of its limbs. It was still but in an awkward position so got a shoe out to lob at it but it jumped right at me so i FREAKED, thought i’d killed it but felt something tickling in my hair so ran into my parents room where my mum was getting ready for work freaking out hitting myself over the head shouting if she could see a spider on me. Just as she said no and for me to calm down i felt it in my hair and ran it out and this giant spider dropped from my head, my mum freaked, i freaked, then it jumped at my face, i freaked AGAIN! then i ACTUALLY woke up freaking out in my bed to see that the time was ONLY 6:10am i’m SO tired but cant get back to sleep as i’ve got the WORST pain in my neck from all the movement! FML.
Pencil and Colour Pencil Self Portrait Study

Einstein’s wisdom…

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Me and my closest friend Lawrence.
He’s my oldest and most cherished friend and we’re inseparable.
In 2008 we went to watch Wall.e and had such a laugh! As a gift I painted him ‘us’ as Wall.e and Eve on canvas; giving Eve a stretcher and putting glasses on Wall.e :)